We in Acelot work on the two-basic proposition of:

  1. Employability
  2. Entrepreneurship

To give wings to the multitude of dreams and aspirations of today’s work force.


Having a functional skill is not always adequate to guarantee a job. There are multiple factors other than your core expertise of functional competence which determine your employability. This entire gamut is covered under a few broad and sweeping terms like: “Soft Skills” or “People Capability”. The broad agenda which gets covered under this are:


  1. Communicating – Presenting: Written & Verbal
  2. Collaborating – within team; Organisation; client
  3. Leadership
  4. Grooming and Conduct
  5. Behavioral

Our bespoke and Customized programs enable organisations to truly unearth the potential of their employees and accelerate their growth story.


The need in today’s India is to be running your enterprise. The scare to start on your own is high as failure rates are high, as is, the turnaround time by when business starts generating cash. We are not talking here about “Funded” “cash burning” business models. We are about the gold old way of profit generating business – with products which address daily needs of Corporates.

Freshers as well as veterans and anyone in between face similar challenge :


  • Developing a product and then selling it.
  • Managing Investments to the business and cash flows
  • Generating leads
  • Closing Leads
  • Managing Ops
  • Managing Relationships
  • Getting submerged into operations and not able to create depth and width within the org to grow; Challenged with :
  • Time
  • Resource
  • Cash

Acelot offers


  • An array of products which are well established and have been providing reliable solutions to the corporate for years.


  1. The cost of deployment of products and solutions.
  2. Compliance : All legal and Statutory needs for running a business is covered by Acelot
  3. Credible Brand : Acelot is an established credible brand which is operated and mentored by Industry CXO. They bring credibility their credibility and expertise to the brand.
  4. Training Support : Products & Soft Skills
  5. Technical Platform : Billing and Client Management
  6. Lead Support : Our lead generation
  7. Accreditation by Govt. : Start Up India and Industry Cum Industrial Partner of MEPSC.

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Creating New Entrepreneurs

Being your own boss is a “dream” for many also the “need” of many. The big limitations to this are having a viable product, managing cash cycles, having a robust organisation and managing client lifecycle. These in turn increase the risks of success. We believe that more business fails not because of a poor or unviable idea but because of the inability of the promoter / founder to stitch the entire story of a successful organisation together. Acelot provide the opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to live their dreams by having zero investment and minimum risks. If you have the basic ability to acquire clients,

we will be providing you the backbone to execute any contract that you acquire.

Our Mission for the “Acelopreneurs” program is:


  • To enable entrepreneurs (EE) be

successful by providing them a platform to create their own Eco system of accounts and help servicing them with world class Products, Solutions and Services.


  1. The Platform will provide Execution Excellence; be Transparent and Technology driven. (PEETT)
  2. Acelot with their Partners to have mutually Profitable and Long Term business association. (PPLoT)
  3. Acelot will be the Preferred Partner Platform (3P) for all organisations who want to grow their business profitably. This will be made possible through our ability to understand client needs, manage client relationships and provide bespoke products, solutions and services. Client success is the key index for all internal business decisions. Delivering Share holder and partner RoI is the key index for all external business decisions.

This provides two solutions:


  • Provide Acelopreneurs a platform where they are skilled to run and manage their business


  1. Provide Acelpopreneurs products to sell without incurring the burden of product development and Execution Cost.

The benefits to the Acelopreneurs are :


  • Start a business with zero capital and negligible gestation period to generate cash.


  1. Freshers get a huge experience on running their own business with very low risks.
  2. Veterans achieve sustainability at a very early stage.

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Building New Business

How often we see promoters and founder members struggling to reach the target client of their product and solutions and to monetize their ideas. It is not a coincidence or a one-off event. It’s often that the entire picture of a successful business has not been taken into consideration.

For a business to be successful a complete GTM (Go to Market Strategy) is a must before taking the big leap.

Our experts will help you with the correct strategy for the next phase of growth for your organisation. The deep industry connect will help you to reach the right people who can be mentors and advisors to your startup story.

A start up germinates from an “idea” to “solve” a “problem”. The idea has to be converted into a product that can be executed on ground. So, a product development is the first step of any start up. Here I would state that even an established fortune 500 company who is bringing a new product to the market falls into the same cycle. Now, the owner of the idea comes with separate functional skill. They can be a marketeer, a business head, a product manager, a tech geek, a Supply chain specialist not to forget Finance/legal/compliance/regulatory and so on. To run a business successfully (sustained success): making a solution reach to its intended users for a commercial exchange making the efforts (sweat and cash) profitable requires all the above and many more skills and assets. So, the promoter / owner of the idea should carefully evaluate the skills which he/she/they are functional experts of and put in place a hiring plan to plug the gaps of the other skills required – and in order of priority to achieve sustained success. If that hiring plan says it’s a product manager who is needed 1st; hire him immediately. Once the product is done, the cost and time needed of linking the solution to its intended users (this includes identifying the exact TG) is often overlooked by the founders; more often than not the initiative loses its steam and fades away, adding another chapter to the story of failed startups.

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Training and Skilling MSMES

We identify skill and networking as a major reason for MSME to fail. We endeavor to equip the leadership in the MSME and their leadership teams by providing specific interventions to enhance their skills and mentorships which in turn gives you a scope to network.

The comprehensive programs equip you to make powerful presentations to drive your agenda to the target audience, put a science behind acquisition or create processes to build your organisation.

These programs help you shift gears to reach the next level in journey of being the promoter of a successful business.

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