“Acelopreneurs” program is:

  • To enable entrepreneurs (EE) be successful by providing them a platform to create their own Eco system of accounts and help servicing them with world class Products, Solutions and Services.
  • The Platform will provide Execution Excellence; be Transparent and  Technology driven. (PEETT)
  • Acelot with their Partners to have mutually  Profitable and Long Term business association. (PPLoT)
  •  Acelot will be the Preferred Partner Platform (3P) for all organisations  who want to grow their business profitably. This will be made possible through our ability to understand client needs, manage client relationships and provide bespoke products , solutions and services. Client success is the key  index for all internal business decisions. Delivering Share holder and partner RoI is the key index for all external business decisions.

For Entrepreneurs – Acelot offers :

  1. An array of products which are well established and have been providing reliable solutions to the corporate for years.
  2. The cost of deployment of products and solutions.
  3. Compliance : All legal and Statutory needs for running a business is covered by Acelot
  4. Credible Brand : Acelot is an established credible brand which is operated and mentored by Industry CXO. They bring credibility their credibility and expertise to the brand.
  5. Training Support : Products & Soft Skills
  6. Technical Platform : Billing and Client Management
  7. Lead Support : Our lead generation
  8. Accreditation by Govt. : Start Up India and Industry Cum Industrial Partner of MEPSC.

Employability: Having a functional skill is not always adequate to guarantee a job. There are multiple factors other than your core expertise of functional competence which determine your employability. This entire gamut is covered under a few broad and sweeping terms like: “Soft Skills” or “People Capability”. The broad agenda which gets covered under this are:

  1. Communicating – Presenting: Written & Verbal
  2. Collaborating – within team; Organisation; client
  3. Leadership
  4. Grooming and Conduct
  5. Behavioral

Our bespoke and Customized programs enable organisations to truly unearth the potential of their employees and accelerate their growth story.


The need in today’s India is to be running your enterprise. The scare to start on your own is high as failure rates are high, as is, the turnaround time by when business starts generating cash. We are not talking here about “Funded” “cash burning” business models. We are about the gold old way of profit generating business – with products which address daily needs of Corporates.

Freshers as well as veterans and anyone in between face similar challenge :

  • Developing a product and then selling it.
  • Managing Investments to the business and cash flows
  • Generating leads
  • Closing Leads
  • Managing Ops
  • Managing Relationships
  • Getting submerged into operations and not able to create depth and width within the org to grow; Challenged with :
    • Time
    • Resource
    • Cash