People Development

Competence. Compliance. Commitment

We at Acelot transform talent by using 4D approach to all interventions-

Diagnose – the problem, Design – the solution , Deploy – the intervention and Determine – Impact

We Diagnose to Understand the current business needs by taking an “organizational snapshot” and Design practical and easy to execute solutions post exhaustive and thorough research.

Structure your organisation for success

We can help you to ensure your teams are structured and designed correctly according to your growth strategy – taking hierarchy, skills and competencies into consideration.

When delivering this process, we look at three key areas:

  • Is your organisational design and structure able to deliver your strategy?
  • Is your team measured on the effectiveness? If so, how?
  • Are you consistently growing your team’s capability and competencies to meet the needs of your organisation and your customers?

This informs the three pillars of our service – design, effectiveness and capability.

We Deploy by Implementation of specifically designed, customized and agreed solutions to get the desired outcome and help organizations to track business results.

All our Programs are through design thinking, case studies and role plays, stories form reflection, has individual and group activities using audio video simulations.

We give conceptual inputs and clear action points.


We begin by undertaking a diagnostic exercise to understand what your strategy is, how you plan to execute it and if your team design has the structure and people in place to be able to fulfil this.

We’ll then work with you to identify any necessary changes so that your team can be primed for success. From this, we move on to measuring effectiveness where we gain a deeper understanding of the skills and capabilities needed to ensure a high performing team.

Throughout the process, we take not only your strategy and objectives into consideration, but the needs and wants of your customers too. From experience, we know both elements need to come together in order to design and train highly effective and efficient teams.

The Acelot team ensures your team have the necessary capabilities to drive business growth. Delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable consultants, we offer multiple training modules which are informed by up-to-date knowledge and insight of the selling market place.

This allows us to focus on the areas of development your team need most. If you’re interested in improving your team capability, discover more about how our Training programs can support this.