Gita Gupta

Gita is an evolved Mental Health, Life and Wellness Coach, Therapist, Counselor and a multifaceted creative individual. She offers Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Body-Mind-Spirit, Women Empowerment and various tools and techniques and Meditation to empower individuals, groups and corporate clients. She has been passionate about Alternative Healing with past 17 years of experience. As a therapist, Gita delivers unique and diverse range of holistic therapeutic modalities to help manage stress and facilitate healing at all levels to create a Life of Balance. Her expertise lies in the field of Energy work, Coaching with Awareness, Breath Work and Detoxifying / Release, Centering Exercise , conditioning, Inner Child Integration, Primal Healing and Hypnotherapy with levels of the Mind ( Theta ) .She has received many awards from Canada and USA chapter sponsored by RHF.She has been a contributor in writing books on A.A.C for Speech and Language, Reading Kit and Play manuals and Documentary films at Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy , Kolkata, sponsored by Manchester University.Healing Mind and Emotions leads to grounding and core integration with Inner Harmony, Self Love, sustained and committed relationship. She works relentlessly towards it.Gita had been Mental Health Consultant with The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon for more than a decade.

Expertise : Workforce wellness, Stress management for CXOs, Cleansing and Alternate Healing Therapy for psycho-somatic disorders , Physical and Pain management using Alternate Medicine Therapies and Wellness Coaching.