“Process” driven steady state can be managed with machine. Driving a change from a steady state is “People” dependent.

People – continue to be the most critical factor in the journey of any organisation. Whether driving a change, identifying and cashing in on a new opportunity or managing a crisis – its people which is at the center.

The most critical asset of an organisation are its people. While factors which contribute to attracting “Skill” & “Talent” to work for the organisation has many facets; grooming and growing the inhouse talent pool is a key factor for not only attracting but also retaining and growing talent. Our belief is: if you have happy employees you will have happy customers.

We partner at an organisation level to create various HR interventions and create process for people management. Some of our Program for Org are:


  • Right Sizing the organisation



    1. HR Process: Assessment, Talent Management, Compliance etc.


  1. Organisation Efficiency

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Training in the context of people development would mean conducting planned interventions to a set of people or Individual to develop a skill, gain in knowledge or work on the attitude that relate to improving specific useful competencies.

Our methodology on training is to create bespoke program specific to the need of the organisation. Our various programs on training can be assessed here.
Acelot has industry specific trainers to work on each assignment and all content is curated by CXO team.

Our Training Programs cover:


  • Sales Programs (Both for B2B and Channel management)
  • Sales for Growth – Business Development


  1. Account Management
  2. Sales Management
  3. Sales Negotiation
  4. Sales Process


  • HR Programs
  • HR For Leadership


  1. HR For diversity and Inclusion
  2. HR for HR

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One may choose to reinvent the wheel or learn from existing knowledge. Mentoring Is the succession of knowledge or in simple terms training the mentee to do what a mentor does. The Mentor is an expert in his field of expertise.

With our rich CXO panel of advisors we offer quality mentorship on a varied roles specifically on sales, HR and business leadership.

This in its way forward offers an excellent networking tool to the mentee!


Focus on the present & future, guiding towards a desirable outcome

Coaching is :

  • A one-on-one partnership between a client and a professional coach to meet a specialized need or goal
  • A catalyzing partnership that accelerates the process of great performance
  • About individual’s identifying a purpose and living out that purpose
  • A journey of personal and professional discovery

Why Coaching?

In this VUCA world there is a huge challenge faced by leadership and talent to find answers to these questions on career, strategy, burn outs, conflict management, and many more.

Top 5 challenges Executives face today:


  • Do

more with less…and less.

  • Cope with ridiculous levels of uncertainty, volatility, and blindingly rapid change.
  • Manage a gut-wrenching level of complexity.
  • Engage and mobilize people authentically and ethically, even from great distances.
  • Don’t burn out!


Benefits of Coaching :


  • Studies consistently show an average return of between $4.30 and $7.90 for $1 invested in executive coaching.


  • Coaching is used as standard leadership development for elite executives and talented up-and-comers.
  • Training combined with coaching increases productivity by an average of 86% (VS 22% with training alone).
  • Fast Company: 92% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again

When Do you need Coaching?


  • High-potential leadership development


  • Leadership succession/transition
  • Family-owned business challenges
  • Are your leaders exhibiting …
  • Lack of social or communication skills
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Inability to control emotions

Acelot provides Executive coaching to focus on leadership and grow them to take the organisation to the next level.

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