Our integrated approach is to Create and Execute SMART Business Strategy
“Right Strategy” to win the lion’s share in the marketplace by developing a plan for
Product| People | Process | Pricing

“Right Capability” that enhances Organisational Culture and Capability and envision an effective Brand Strategy and Communication plan for connect, control and Brand Recall

“Right Engagement”.
Our business focus are on :
Business Strategy and Operations;
Business Performance Measurement
Organisational Culture and capability
Brand Development and digital Customer Engagement

We achieve this by connecting the different spokes of an organisation to One Mission!

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Right Strategy

A thought through strategy backed with agile execution is one of the surest ways to ensure you are successful in your business. Our outside in perspective and eye for details covering all aspects of a business is the first step to build a robust strategy.

We base our model to ensure cost efficiency and RoI as the overarching principal of all business decisions.

Use of tools ensure that there is consistency in our decision-making framework.

We create a S.M.A.R.T. business strategy to win in the market place. An Agile business model covering costs and organisation structure and detailed Go to market strategy for execution on the planned strategy.
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Right capability

All strategies fail if we do not have the right capability at each stage of the product life cycle. It is thus critical to Develop & Deploy Plan for Product, People, Process, Pricing that enhances Organisational Culture & Capability.

We in Acelot work very closely with the organisation to not only identify the various capability needed to be successful at each of the identified stages but also help to define them at each stage and subsequently track performance against the identified success.

Right Engagement

Brand Development and Digital Customer Engagement

Brand and culture are the common thread of an organisation which connects all internal and external customers of an organisation.

Various tools are used to ensure the vision of brand and culture is effectively communicated to all, which in turn ensure profitable returns.

We help you define your brand strategy and grow your brand value.

Our digital tools are :


  • Website



  • Digital Campaigns
  • SMO | SEO | SEM – Lead generation
  • Analytics & CRM
  • Apps & Automation

We also conduct many offline events to connect with our Employees, Channel and Customers.

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